How Does Clear Correct Work?

Most people dismiss the idea of braces, after all, braces are common among teenagers and not adults. However, even as an adult, you may need to straighten your teeth. The good news is that you do not have to use the conventional braces – clear correct would be an ideal option. ClearCorrect uses the same mechanism as Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth. Unlike traditional braces, which comprise of wires and metal, ClearCorrect comprises clear, removable plastic trays referred to as aligners.  

The aligners will fit perfectly on your teeth and are virtually invisible. It is easy to remove the aligners while eating, drinking, or cleaning your teeth. ClearCorrect offers an excellent solution for people seeking a convenient and discreet orthodontic treatment. No one will have to know that you are wearing braces. You can go about your life normally without feeling like people are staring at your teeth.   

Options Available 

Clear Correct aligners are available in three options. You can go for unlimited, limited 12, and limited 6. If you go for the unlimited option, you can get as many braces as you desire. Limited 12 contains 12 sets of aligners while Limited 6 contains six sets of aligners.  

Getting a Perfect Fit  

For a perfect Clear Correct fit, your dentist has to obtain an accurate set of impressions. The ClearCorrect manufacturers will digitize the impressions into an electronic model. Your orthodontic will then move your teeth on the electronic model to find the desired result. The manufacturer will then make a series of clear plastic aligners. Once the orthodontic fits the aligners to your teeth, the aligners will gradually move your teeth from their initial position to the desired position. The aligners work by moving the teeth little by little.  

After a few weeks, you will get a new set of aligners which will further move your teeth until you get to the desired position. The treatment could last for the same period as that of braces. You should also expect to experience some soreness during the treatment. However, aligners offer an advantage over braces because they are attractive. It is also easy to maintain proper oral hygiene because you can remove the aligners, clean your teeth, and replace them.  

As you progress from one treatment phase to the other, you will begin to notice some changes in the alignment of your teeth. During treatment, you have to undergo regular check-ups by your dentist to ensure that everything is working as planned. ClearCorrect has continued to gain popularity because it is more affordable than Invisalign yet it offers similar aesthetic benefits. 


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